LAVOCE Academy of Music is made up of the best instructors with great professional experience, many of whom have Masters Degress and PhDs in their respective fields.

All classes are taught in private, one on one sessions that include both music theory and practice. The lessons are designed to focus on student’s strengths and weaknesses and help improve their overall skills and talent.

Piano lessons will be offered by the principal of the academy, who is a classical & jazz pianist. She will offer lessons focusing on classical music.

In addition to practical music(chord accompaniment), lavoce will offer a variety of styles to suit everyone’s needs including classical, hymns, gospel, CCM, pop, & nersery rhymes. In a short period of time, we will help students learn all genres of music while mastering the rhythm and chords. Students will be able to play freely and reach their full potential as musicians and performers by attending LAVOCE Academy of Music.